Combining our Big Vento fans with air cooling systems in large spaces allows to adjust the temperature up to 4 degrees without sacrificing cooling, due to the impact of the air movement, uniform air distribution and thermic sensation in the people. This achieves a considerable saving in energy consumption which is reflected in money savings of approximately 30%.

Fill in the following cells, so you can confirm the amount of money that can be saved in one year.


Savings calculation based in:

1. Savings of 30% achieved by increasing 4 degrees in the thermostat of the air conditioning equipments.

2. A 3.5 KW average consumption per hour, for each air conditioned ton.

3. An average cost by kilowatt during 2015 according to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) of ¢10.4 cents per kilowatt/hour. This calculation is valid for companies and organizations operating in the USA.